Heart failure is a very common condition. It can affect  people of any age but the risk increases as we get older.

It occurs when the heart muscle loses its ability to pump  enough blood to supply the body. As a result, the vital organs do not receive  enough oxygen and nutrients sufficient for proper functioning. Mild heart  failure may have a minor effect on the patient's well-being, while moderate  to severe heart failure prevents the patient from performing daily activities  and, if left untreated, leads to death.

Patients with heart failure experience a number of  symptoms affecting their life, such as fatigue, fluid retention (leg  swelling), chest pain, depression and sleeping difficulties. Treatment of heart failure is usually complex and involves  the combined care of a hospital consultant and your GP. It is aimed to  relieve symptoms thereby improving your quality of life while allowing you to  live longer.

Our programme can support you in understanding and  managing your symptoms and in case of deterioration we can intervene to  prevent the need for more serious escalation or hospital admission.