Care-Connect believes that new technology and digital innovations can provide effective, swift and safe improvements to how care and treatment are delivered to patients.

Care-Connect will utilise new and emerging, clinically validated and approved, digital solutions in combination with direct patient care, to improve and enhance clinical care pathways in chronic conditions. We aim to integrate care into established clinical processes and systems where possible, while concurrently developing innovative new solutions that address the current challenges within the health system.

Building on previous experience and success in heart failure care programmes, the team delivers a remote monitoring and case management service with dedicated clinical support for patients with Heart Failure and respiratory conditions including COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema or Bronchiectasis. The Care-Connect team works with the patient's GP to enhance and optimise their care in the community by monitoring clinical data, identifying clinical changes in a timely manner and intervening effectively at the first signs of clinical deterioration.

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Improved Health Outcomes


Reduced Hospitalisation

Increased compliance with care plan


Enhanced Quality of Life